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Protect your family, friends, tenants, or employees from potentially fatal electrical accidents by installing a safety switch or RCD on the electrical circuits in your home or business.

safety switches in Rutherford

safety switches in Rutherford

Our team of licenced electricians can carry out the installation, testing and repairs of safety switches in properties throughout Rutherford. Most commonly the safety switch will be installed in the switchboard of your home on the power circuit. Commercial properties may have them fitted to each powerpoint or as mobile devices for use with specific electrical equipment. Our team of licenced electricians recommend installing a safety switch on each circuit, including lighting, hot water, air con, pool, etc, to fully protect residents and staff from electrical accidents.

Ensuring your safety switch protects those in your home or business every day of the year it needs to be tested regularly to ensure the free movement of the trip mechanism. This is as simple as pressing the ‘Test’ button to trip the switch, which will cut the power to the circuit it is fitted to, and then resetting the switch to the ‘On’ position.

Keep everyone in your home or business safe from electrical accidents, contact our electrical team to install a safety switch today 0409 456 429 or complete our booking request form today.

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Emergency Rutherford safety switches

safety switches in Rutherford

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